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    Hello, my name is Reuben. I am the youngest of 4 brothers. Matthew lives in Enland, Nathan lives in the USA and I live in Spain with Manni.

    This blog is about my life, about things that are important to me. I want to tell my story to people all around the world.

    I have Down’s Syndrome, which makes me special. My Dad told me I was created on the 8th Day. I want to help other people  with Down Syndrome and families with Down Syndrome babies, to show them that Down Syndrome is not an end – it´s a beginning. I am happy. I enjoy life, having fun, having a laugh, chatting. Some of the things I enjoy are DVD´s, parties, BBQ´s, cruises, Tours with my brother, music, drama, Whoppi Goldberg and 007. I sometimes tell people I work for the British Government as they pay me allowances. My code name is Bond, Reuben Bond, 0021. (Down’s people have an extra chromosome on their 21st pair so that´s why I am called 0021). My Mission is to help people. I want to be a hero and I would like to save people. I would also like to make films, do shows, be a singer and learn to cook. These are a few of my dreams.

    Some things that are important to me are my family, friends, brothers and sisters-in-law, my health, all family together at Christmas. One of the most important things for me is love: loving people for who they are. Everyone is different and we must accept them for who they are.

    Many people have helped me in my life and now I want to give back. This blog is to raise money for poor children in Africa, through a charity called Wateraid. They provide fresh and clean water to the children of Africa. It is my dream to help them.

    Love Reuben, 0021 😉

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    “It’s literally impossible to write just a short paragraph to try and ‘sum’ up Reuben, but I’ll try.
    Reuben is in my opinion closer to God than most of us. He’s an angel, a gift to this world and our family were fortunate enough to be given Reuben as our brother. Reubs and I spent literally 20 years of being inseparable from each other; he taught me grace, patience, humility, deep happiness and unconditional love.
    Reuben’s world is full of delight and wonder and he’ll take you on a journey that will change you for the better! I love you Booba! Your bro, Nath”

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    “Reuben is our 4th and last son.  His arrival seemed to unite our family.  It was a joy to bring him up.  When he arrived at his first school, the man who assessed Reuben declared in his report.  ‘This is a cherished child’  I think this was to do with my dear wife, Jenny, rather than me, but so nice to hear all the same.
    Reuben is now an adult and is still an absolute joy.
    Reuben knows where people are emotionally and has the ability to bring peace and a sense of proportion to situations that get fraught. Many times it has been Reuben that helps people calm down.
    He is learning Spanish, having adjusted to the Spanish way of life after being in the UK till he was 30.  He has lost weight and got fitter since eating more heathily in Spain. Some people say Reuben has a disability but I don’t think so.
    I am privileged to be his father and he always gives me my full titile with a bit extra. I’m ‘Faaarther.’  I hope you meet my boy sometime. Tim Coe”

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    When I think of the Booba, I think of his hugs. Hugs make everything better in Reuben´s World. I have so many names for him; Bond, Booba, Prince Reuben, Reubelicious, The Reubenator.
    I´ve loved looking after him. Cooking for him is so easy as everything is “GORGEOUS” in Reuben´s opinion.
    Beans on Toast – “Gorgeous!”
    Steak au poivre – “Gorgoues!”
    Cup-a.soup – “Gorgoues!”
    I enjoy giving him advise when he doesn´t quite know what to do. One of his most common questions is, “What do YOU think?”
    I am very proud of the changes he has made to his lifestyle and especially to his eating habits! I can claim the high honour of buying him of first ever pair of Skinny Jeans! Miracles do happen!
    with love from Sisssster Debs x