Chicken Run: Chapter Three


Home Alone

The Chickens are home alone this summer apart from our friends Charlie and Mike who feed them and let them and the dogs out every day.

Mr Tweedy is a good man in the Chicken run film, he feeds the chickens and lets them out every day like our friends do.


What naughty adventures do Ginger and the gang get up to when no one is looking?


When no one is home Ginger’s gang are having a Pink Ladies night club inside The Corner.


The ladies went too far this time. We have to do something about this, it’s time to get the ladies a Body Guard….. Introducing Jock the Cock!!


Hope he can make the ladies behave!


Goodbye Mr Bond

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  • Nanette
    19/09/2016 at 4:08 pm

    The video was fun to watch! Thanks for posting about your chicks.


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