My Christmas living in Spain with British roots


This year Reuben will be embracing both the culture of the country he lives in and his country of birth for Christmas. Here are some of the things he’ll be getting up to and what will be happening at Christmas time in both Spain and in England.

For Christmas in Spain this year I have been to see the Christmas lights in Malaga with a music show and seen a nativity scene with our Workaways.

I came to England on the 14th of December and am spending Christmas in a beautiful pink house in Dorset with Manni, Andrew, Mother and Father. On Christmas day we will have a traditional Christmas dinner.

When I come back to Spain on the 28th of December I will be going to see the chocolate, sugar and turron factories in Rute, a town near my town Archidona, with Diana and her family. Spanish children don’t get their presents on Christmas day from Father Christmas, they get them from the three Kings on the 6th of January instead.

Reuben and his dad wrote a Christmas play, enjoy!

Christmas Nativity by Reuben and Tim Coe…

Scene 1: Mary and the Angel Gabriel.

(Cue music: Last Christmas by Wham)

Narrator (Reuben): The Angel said to Mary

(Cue star sound when Angel enters)

Angel: You are special, God is your friend

Narrator: Mary was upset

Angel: Don’t be afraid Mary, you really are God’s friend. You will have a child, a Son, Jesus is his name. He is God’s Son and will be King.

Narrator: Mary said

Mary: How? I am only a young girl

Narrator: The Angel said

Angel: Don’t worry, about a thing, everything will be alright

(Cue music)

Scene 2: The Journey to Bethlehem

Narrator: Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem. Mary was pregnant. In Bethlehem Jesus was born. Mary wrapped him in cloths and put him in a manger as there was no room at the inn.

Innkeeper: I’m sorry Joseph and Mary, there is no room at this inn, you could have the stable, it’s dry but a bit smelly.

(Cue music: Away in a Manger)

Scene 3: The Shepherds hear good news.

Narrator: The Shepherds were out in the fields looking after their sheep at night. An Angel appeared, they were very afraid (terrified, they covered their eyes).

Narrator: The Angel said

(Cue star sound when Angel enters)

Angel: Don’t be afraid, I have good news for you. This is a happy time for everyone. Today a special baby has been born in Bethlehem. You’ll find the baby in a manger.

Narrator: A heavenly choir broke out into joyful singing

(Cue music: While Shepherds watch their flocks at night)

Scene 4: The Star, Herod and The Wise Men.

Narrator: The Wise Men said

Wiseman: Where is the One born to be King of the Jews? We have seen his star and want to worship him.

Narrator: Herod was not happy

(Cue music: He’s a King)

Herod: Where is this child?

Narrator: He said to the Wise Men

Herod: Find him and let me know where he is, I want to worship him too.

Crowd: Oh no you don’t!

Herod: Oh yes I do

(Cue choir: Hark the horrid Herod King, he’s so nasty we don’t want to sing)

Scene 5: The Wise Men give gifts.

Narrator: The star came to a stop over the stable where the baby was

(Cue music: We three Kings)

Narrator: The Wise Men saw the baby with Mary, his mother. They bowed down and worshipped him and gave him gifts of:



and Myrrh

The Wise Men went home another way, they did not trust Herod. And then Herod died.

The End.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone,

love Boobalish xx



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