Olive oil-Andalucian liquid gold


Olive oil, known as liquid gold, is a staple part of the Mediterranean diet and has incredible health benefits. It is used as is in salads, on bread and in healthy dishes such as gazpacho and salmorejo (known as Porra in these parts) It is often used to cook with and can also be used as an ingredient in soap, cosmetics, and medicines. The first record of olive oil production ever recorded is in the Hebrew bible in the 13th century BC-it’s been around for an awfully long time.
Today Reuben and I are learning all about olive oil and its special connection to The Corner where Reuben lives….
Do you like olive oil Reubs?
I like it a lot, it tastes like tomato, it’s fantastic.
How do you like to eat olive oil?
I love olive oil and tomato and jamon on bread. I also love gazpacho and porra like I made with Charo at Arte de Cozina.
Do you have your own olives at The Corner?
Yes, our trees are ill, they have not been looked after, they need to get better.
So do you make your own olive oil then?
Yes we make our own olive oil, it’s amazing.
How do you help with the olive oil at The Corner?
I help to filter it into other bottles to make it nice and clear.
Why should people eat olive oil Reubs?
It is from Spain and helps Spain and the farmers. People always say olive oil is amazing. It tastes mmmmmm and it’s healthy.
What recipes do you want to make next using olive oil?
I love gambas pil-pil (prawns in garlic and paprika oil) and paella.

Here at The Corner we have a special connection to olives, our first olive oil production was delicious because our olive trees have been so neglected over the years that they had to work even harder to produce a crop which created fabulous tasting oil. The symbol of our house is the Lauburu, a Basque symbol as the original owner of The Corner was Basque, he built the house in 1898. The Lauburu also symbolises North, South, East and West and Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, quite a special emblem!

Reuben’s facts about olives and olive oil….
• In 2016 we haven’t had rain for months, this means 30% less olives this year, the farmers are worried
• The province of Jaen in Andalucia is the biggest producer of olive oil, 70% of Spain’s olive oil, they have 66 million olive trees!
• Olive oil is so good for you, thousands of healthy Mediterraneans can’t be wrong
• Spain produces more olives than any other country in the world
• The Phonecian people, from Syria or Lebanon, introduced the olive tree to Spain in 1050 BC
• There are 300 million olive trees in Spain
• The Romans gave the name ‘liquid gold’ to olive oil

I have a mission for you all. Find the oldest olive tree in Andalucia, is it near your house? Send us pictures if you think the oldest tree is where you live.
Good luck olive tree hunters
Over and out
Captain Booba

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