Reuben Coe: The Wolf of Wall Street


I went to England on the 6th of March to sleep in my new house in Richmond and then we took the train to London Bridge and had breakfast in Four Communications cafe in London. I had bacon butty with HP sauce.

Next I went to work in Andrew’s office in London, I am Wolf of Wall Street, I was smart, am playing Leonardo DiCaprio. At work we worked hard and had lots of laughs, I go there on birthdays and at Christmas usually, we always have such fun and be happy.

After London, I went to Brighton on the 7th of March to see Tommy boy and his family, we did meet him 16 years ago…Happy 16 years! Tommy is a DJ on Heart FM he’s an amazing lad. I love him and Maxine too.

Friends music….

Wishing you all happiness, leave me some comments to say what you think of my new blog.

Big hugs Boo-ba xx

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