Reuben - Cooking with the Stars: Su Bloomberg of Old Hall Country Club in Chester


Su Bloomberg, along with her husband Anders, is the owner of Old Hall Country Club near Chester. A beautiful old property in the Cheshire countryside that Su and Anders converted into a luxury spa and country club. It’s a popular spot for celebrities, particularly footballers and their wives as it’s close to both Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs.


Su came to the corner for a visit, she is a chef so it was a real treat and Reuben was lucky enough to be able to cook with the wonderful Su. Together they cooked a lovely salad and papillote cod, take a look at the photos to see how Reuben did and how much of the work he did himself. Su said “It was lovely to be at the corner and cook with fresh food and olive oil from the estate, it was all very exciting as Reuben was off to St Paul’s the next day” see more about that here.

Reuben what did you cook with Su?

We made a special salad, Israeli salad that we cut up really small so you don’t need a knife to eat it, made of leaves, our own olive oil, tomatoes, mushrooms, beetroot, red wine, garlic, pine nuts and parsley. Then we cooked fish in olive oil, onion, lemon, peppers, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper, we wrapped it in foil and baked it in the oven.

Where did you buy all the food from?

We went round the markets to buy fresh fish and vegetables and we found a heart shaped potato.

What did it taste like?

I loved everything, best bit is starter and main and we had white wine for drinks.

What was it like to cook with Su?

It was amazing, she is a good cook, we had a laugh, nice!

What is special about her restaurant?

Her restaurant is a kosher restaurant which means she has two of everything including fridges, cutlery and sinks to separate the dairy and the meat and fish.

What’s next for Reuben Coe?

Next I will be cooking with Lynsey from La Rosilla and then I will be going to spend Christmas in Dorset with my family.

The End, see you next time.

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