Reuben goes Stateside part two: Getting a job!


As Reuben is so far away from me (Diana) at the moment, staying with his brother Nathan in Nantucket, USA, blogging isn’t our usual fun activity, instead it’s an ongoing whatsapp conversation. I thought as an alternative to me typing up Reuben’s words I decided to add the beautifully hand-written pages he sends me to let everyone know what he is up to…..


As well as earning his keep, Reuben has been out and about around Nantucket, taking beautiful photos and finding out about the history and culture of the area….

So that’s how writing Reuben’s blog posts work, he genuinely writes everything himself, apart from my waffly bits, all I do is put his words together with HIS photos and we are away!

Reuben says HOWDY from beautiful Nantucket.

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Reuben goes Stateside part one: Finding my feetReuben, where are you?

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